Diktat at Railway Station

Its quite common for trains of Indian Railways running behind schedule  ( its a fact !).

But , who thought England is facing the same problem . Indian Railways has train delays due to a number of reasons like accidents ,electricity etc  whereas the delays in England are due to romantic farewells and embraces .

Therefore , a railway station in England has put up a ‘ No kissing Sign ” at its drop off zone .


I am sure that all Manipallites will know what Revels is . For others , let me what Revels is exactly . Its the cultural event of MIT ,Manipal organised every year . It has great participation from all over India . Many famous bands come over to perform here .Last year , Euphoria performed here .

This year , its being organized from 4th to 7th March .

TIP : Try googling REVELS MIT .

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Only a fraction of the people would be knowing that all three , in reality are different.

Notebooks and Laptops are portable computers whereas Netbook cannot be called as a computer .

Laptop: A portable computer small enough to use on one’s lap.

Notebook: A light, portable computer that is generally thinner than a laptop.

Netbook :They are not true netbooks but low cost , highly portable computers which can be used to access internet and other stuff . But , they cant be used for games and other applications which require processing power .

Muthalik among 200 held across Karnataka

Sad news for all those planning to marry free of cost in Bangalore as Ram Sene has will not hold protest in Bangalore for fear of law and order problems . And their leader has been taken into preventive custody..
Karnataka Government has started acting …

BANGALORE: The Karnataka police, in the light of the threats and counter-threats issued by various organisations over the celebration of Valentine’s Day, have detained over 200 people in various parts of the State including Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik.

The police operations commenced even as State Home Minister V.S. Acharya presided over a high-level meeting with senior officials of the Home Department and the police in Bangalore.

Most of those taken into preventive custody have been described as “known anti-social elements” and the drive was expected to continue through the night.

Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) A.R. Infant was monitoring the police operations here while Director General and Inspector General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh was overseeing the operations at Mangalore.

In a crackdown on the top leadership of the Sri Ram Sene, the Gulbarga police took Pramod Muthalik, the Sene’s State Margadarshik Mandal chief and Karuneshwar Mutt chief Sri Siddalinga Swami, State convenor of the Sene Ishwar Singh Thakur, and a Sene activist Shashikant Dikshit into preventive custody. All the four were picked up while they were returning to Gulbarga from Humnabad in Bidar district after participating in a marriage function.

In the Dakshin Kannada district, officials of the District Crime Intelligence Bureau (DCIB) took Prasad Attavar, State co-convener of the Sri Rama Sene and three other activists into preventive custody. Mr. Attavar and others were taken into custody after Mr. Attavar addressed a press conference at a hotel. Bangalore City police have detained 130 persons.


This Is Luck

Look at the top picture and you can see where this guy broke through
the crash barrier (right side where the people are standing on the road).

His truck left the road, traveling from right to left. He flipped
end-over-end, across the culvert outlet and landed on the left side of it.

Now look at the picture below.

This Is Luck and you thought you were lucky!!


Instructions:   There’s a black dot in the center. Stare at the dot till the countdown ends, and the black and white picture should look like it’s in color…until you move your eyes!

This is the first time I found a animated GIF .

AC-III, general fares may be cut up to 10%

NEW DELHI: With the general elections looming large, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav may slash passenger fares and announce new trains in his Interim Railway Budget on Friday. A senior official in the railway ministry told ET that passenger fares for AC-III and general class may see a reduction of up to 10%, in line with Mr Yadav’s previous budgets.

Indian Railways

“We have debated the possibility of slashing fares by up to 10%. As the minister would present a vote-on-account in the house on Friday, we are trying to reach a political consensus on the possible reduction in fares as the move would be a populist one,” said the official, who did not wish to be identified.

Rail Bhawan officials argue that Indian Railways has enough space to cut fares in light of its cash surplus. As per the ministry estimate, railways may touch a cumulative balance of close to Rs 100,000 crore, accumulated over the past five years. The reduction in diesel prices, one of the main cost components of the railways, has also given railways a headroom to cut fares.
Railways have not increased passenger fares in the past four years despite an increase in operating costs — including spike in global crude oil prices, resulting in much higher diesel prices. The country’s largest transporter has replaced the old diesel engines with more fuel efficient and powerful locomotives, and is also focusing more on electric locomotives. Last year, the railways had cut AC-I and AC-II fares by up to 7%. The cut is likely to be only in the basic fare, and not other riders such as superfast charge. Therefore, the effective fare reduction would be less than 10%.


Today , a very unexpected thing happened to my blog . Many of you have must have already guessed it .

My friend AATIF ( check him on my blogroll PS : Do pay a visit) came to my room in the evening(btw we live in the same hostel) and congratulated me . I thought he was just joking ( as he most of times does) . But , as soon as he told me that my blog had 2500 hits , I was all ears. But did I believe it ? No , it was impossible as I had only 450 hits till wednesday early morning , how could I get 2k hits in less than 24 hrs . The first thing that came to me was to check my stats. I switched on my computer but to my utter disappointment , the net didnt work ( thanks to ION) . Very soon , the net worked for a while , and to my surprise ( a surprise because as I told you I didnt beleive him), I had 4000 something hits .Ah! . I immediately went to the dashboard to check the stats and guess what , it was all from a single website i.e. alpha inventions . Thanks to them .