What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you read the word ‘ KISS’ .When I first time read the word in a article somewhere , I did not understand it as I too had got the most obvious meaning one , but little bit of google helped me .

Other than the normal meaning , its a acronym for Keep it Short and Simple . Its actually a principle ( who thought KISS is a principle ) . It is basically about keeping you article simple , short , crisp etc etc .

I hope that I followed KISS.

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Well , we use google daily to search almost anything be it related to studies , news , religion etc… oops i forgot one thing ..!!!!

So returning back to the topic .. the name “google” . How was it coined ???

Well, there are millions of stories about it …The one common thing all stories have is the word “googol” .

Its a number equal to 10 ^100 . i.e 10,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​ 000,000,000,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​000,000,000,​ 000,000,000

ts official English number name is ten duotrigintillion on the short scale, ten thousand sexdecillion on the long scale, or ten sexdecilliard on the Peletier long scale.

The term was coined in 1938[1] by Milton Sirotta (1929–1980), nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Kasner popularized the concept in his book Mathematics and the Imagination (1940).

Now , the GOOGLE

Larry and Sean decided something that related to the indexing of an immense amount of data .Sean verbally suggested the word “googolplex,” and Larry responded verbally with the shortened form, “googol” (both words refer to specific large numbers) .

There’s a story that Larry Page and Sergey Brin needed some sponsorship , so they approached many people .One businessman  named Andy Bechtolsheim ,co-founder of Sun Microsystems,gave US$100,000 check by ,  but in the favour of Google . So they decided to change the name to Google because the cheque was made and it was tiresome to change the payee name.

Another version:

When they thought the name ,

Sean executed a search of the Internet domain name registry database to see if the newly suggested name was still available for registration and use.He made the mistake of searching for the name spelled as “,” which he found to be available. Larry liked the name, and within hours he took the step of registering the name “” for himself and Sergey (the domain name registration record dates from September 15, 1997).

PS : If you find any more stories , pls post them as comments .


I believe i have chosen a very contradictory topic to express my views upon, but still i do believe that the world needs them. Love at 19 occurs with the exchange of feelings which get transferred from the transmitter(boy/girl) to the receiver(girl/boy). I have yet not felt what it feels like when we fall in love. You would be wondering how i got this idea from????.Well, thats just because i am approaching nineteen and am surrounded by people who have had its wonderful experience.This compels me to write something about it.Although it often brings about sadness,hopelessness and guilt,we love experimenting with it.The love wave(magnetic in nature) originates in the heart of the transmitter, performs a large number of cycles within him/her, attains a phase difference(with friends) and then gets transmitted.In the way, one part fragments away and goes towards the transmitter’s home.This wave before entering it, gets electrically charged and becomes apparent in the form of a shock for his/her relatives.The other wave , by this time is already received by the receiver at resonant frequency.This wave breaks itself into two exchanging waves, which are all time coherent.Now these waves experience a lot of phase shifts,lagging, consonance and dissonance.If the coherence is maintained up to the threshold value , it results into a constructive interference .Otherwise, Destructive interference occurs accompanied with loss of energy,resulting in dark fringes on the exteriors of the transmitter and the receiver. In that case, the two of them start malfunctioning, resulting in reduced life!!!!!!