1st Year @ MIT – PART 2

As you can see that this is the second part of the four part series of the experiences of my first year … Click here  for the part 4 and part 1 ..

The part 2 basically caters to the winter holidays after the first sem ….

DEC 4 : The day of the last exam . .. All the exams went pretty well .. Most of the day went in packing and “byes” .. I had a train (Mangla )to catch at night .. we were 5 people (Me, Anirudh , Aatif , Zubair and Appan ).. had a wonderful journey .. played CS in the train with a couple of KMC guys … The food was horrible but who cares about it when you are going home and have wonderful company.

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Where Did I go ????????

Its 48 days without a post … you must be wondering where did I go ?? I think its the longest time that this blog has been without a update …

Don’t worry , I am back with another post .. the continuation of the 1st year at MIT  PART 2 ..

Even though , now I have entered my sophomore year at college , I am still writing about my first year because you can never forget your first year …

I will write in detail about my second year in another post . For now, the important events till now :

I was too busy with college life .. many things changed.. a new hostel .. a new section .. etc etc ..  I made the website of Formula Manipal ( http://www.formulamanipal.com ) using WordPress  … I also got selected for the ” ED BOARD ” of our college ..  First sessionals passed off peacefully .. I topped in two of the subjects .. Now , Techtatva is coming up .. Hope this year turns out to be a lot better for me ..

PS : If you have any suggestions for the Magazine of MIT  , please visit http://www.magmit.com and post it there .. or leave as a comment .. I will forward it to the Editor ..