Brainfuck ….

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind reading this ?? ( I am leaving the list empty ) ..
Well, let me break the suspense .. 
Brainfuck is a programming Language ..

From wiki ,

The brainfuck programming language is an esoteric programming language noted for its extreme minimalism. It is a Turing tarpit, designed to challenge and amuse programmers, and is not suitable for practical use. Its name has been variously bowdlerized. The name of the language is generally not capitalized, although it is a proper noun.

 How I came across BRAINFUCK  :

I came to know about this language through a senior ( Akshay Kothari ) … Infact , our LUG Manipal T-Shirts have a brainfuck code on the backside … Hence , I was determined to learn Brainfuck ..

I started with some basic stuff like Hello World.  Then , I started to write a code to display  “BRAINFUCK IS COOL “

Here’s the code :

[sourcecode language=”css”]</p>
<p>+++++++++[&gt;+++++++&gt;+++++++++&gt;+++++++&gt;++++++++&gt;+++++++++&gt;++++++++&gt;+++++++++&gt;+++++++&gt;++++++++&gt;<br />
++++&gt;++++++++&gt;+++++++++&gt;++++&gt;+++++++&gt;+++++++++&gt;++++++++&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;-]&gt;+++.&gt;+.&gt;++.&gt;+.&gt;—.&gt;<br />


Next on the list is to probably implement some of the basic programs like Fibonacci , Loops , etc

PS: With brainfuck , I have further increased my knowledge of different languages ..

For more info , WIKI

IInd Year : Formula Manipal , Ed Board and Techtatva …

The first month (July ) of my second year witnessed many dramatic events ranging from change of room mate to getting a website to design … It took me time to settle down .Too many changes  happened :  a new hostel , a new mess , a new class etc etc … I will soon upload photos  to my flickr account .

 In the end of July , I started designing the website for Formula Manipal using WordPress.. I chose WordPress because of its features like easy updation , user friendly , variety of themes etc etc . After installing wordpress over the server , I edited many features to custom suit their needs . Building a website using WordPress is very easy , so it just took me a week to complete .

The Website :

August came and life sprang back into Manipal (the usual rains ) .. I was well settled though longed to go back to my previous hostel . I continued working with my Manager Application based on PHP which I started in the summer holidays .. I applied for the College Ed- Board (Editorial Board ) ,and  half heartedly gave the interview in which our Associate Director ( Student Welfare ) grilled me for half an hour . Thankfully , I was selected along with my two classmates .

My First Sessional results also came and to my delight  I topped in my class ( 77%) .

September arrived and Techtatva ( MIT’s national level college fest ) came  . I was a organiser of Algosm under Param Category . Infact , the only work I did was to oganize the info desks set up by the first years . I took part in many events though a lot less than the last year . Another year of Techtatva went without any prizes for me . I hope I perform a lot better next year .

Thats all thats happened this semester ..

PS : Remember to check out the photos