LUG Manipal – Install Fest and Web Development Workshop

Well , I finally had my first hand experience at organising a complete workshop. I had a amazing learning experience andI gained a lot of knowledge especially by solving doubts  .. I remember one of the doubts was how do we print “<br/>” using php .. Well , its pretty easy but still it took time for me to figure it .. Also , speaking on the stage for three days removed all traces of stage fear ..( lolz) ..

Install Fest :

LUG Manipal organisesd a Linux ( Ubuntu 9.04 to be precise ) Install Fest from 6th to 8th October . Well , this time , it was the job of the second years to do it . I being a noobie in Linux did not have much idea , so I just did whatever I was told by Saurabh . Here , I should congratulate Saurabh for the excellent organisation of the entire fest which went without any major hiccups .I gave a talk on Open Office and Viruses in Linux  in the second day of the fest . Also ,at the last day , I spoke on the upcoming Web Development Workshop .

Web Development Workshop :

A workshop on how to make web  pages covering HTML , MySQL and PHP conducted by LUGM .We ( LUGM ) focused on web development rather than web designing .We  were planning this workshop from around 6 months but due to many problems it could not materialise . I had prepared the slides way back in July .So , it was finally decided on the last day (  i.e 9th )  to conduct the workshop from 12th October 2009 . With only three days , we had plenty of work to do .The next day , we got the room booked ( NLH 405 ) . We got the top floor as there were manyother events going on . The posters were up the next day at all important places in MIT .SMS’s were sent with a request to “Forward to all ” . LUGM website , the wiki page and the Facebook Fan page was updated . Also , a facebook event was created to futher publicise . Manu, my classmate made class announcements in all the first year classes . He did the job single handedly ( Dunno why he likes the job so much ) . Meanwhile , slides were being given the final touches by Pratik and Saurabh . Me and saurabh made a comphrensive plan of the entire workshop detailing each and every thing . Our seniors suggested some changes and then we were all set to roll .

So , finally the D-Day arrived . I bunked two classes to be in time for the workshop even though I did not have anything to speak on the first day . The crowd was ok , almost the entire class room was filled . One more thing which I forgot to mention that I received a number of calls ( as my name and number was printed on the poster ) asking me for registration and if there is any fees for it .

Well , I don’t blame the first years for the ignorance of the fact that LUGM does not charge people . It is actually the work of other clubs who charge people for attending a workshop where a student is teaching you .Pretty funny isnt it ?   For the report, LUGM does not charge people for attending a workshop neither is there any registration . ( Check out the guiding principle of LUGM )

Coming back to the topic ,the first day went pretty well .HTML and beginning of MySQL was dealt with . As expected , the turnout on the second day was less than the previous day.  The second day consisted of MySQL and beginning with PHP . At the end of the day , we gave a small assignment which involved the use of forms and POST . I was glad that many had made the effort of completing the assignment . The third day basically consisted of integrating PHP with MySQL , Sessions and Cookies .On the last day , we were expecting a low turnout , but the turnout was far less than I expected . We had kept this day only for application , so we demonstrated a login page complete with Remember Me feature from scratch .Although the turnout was less but the response was amazing .We had divided the entire application into modules and then gave some time for the students to complete . I was glad that many were easily able to complete the modules in time .

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Trip to Hanumangundi Falls

The much awaited getaway from Manipal  … the first weekend trip of my sophomore year.

After many plans , finally I went to Hanumangundi Falls , a place only 2 hours from  Manipal . By the way , Manipal has manyamazing palces nearby and many are yet to be discovered .

Initially , a group of three including me were going .. But , in the morning two of my friends joined us .We planned to depart at 9 am but as usual I was sleeping till 8 30 ( even though a friend woke me up at 7 30 am). So , finally after much delay we started at 10 after having a nice breakfast .

In Short :

Caught a bus to Karkala then had snacks and bought stuff to eat .. took a bus to Hanumangundi Falls after much hassle ( as none of us knew Kannada ) . Finally , we reached our destination . Then we bought tickets worth Rs 20 each .

At the Falls :

After 387 ( PS : Anirudh really counted the number of steps ) steps , we reached the falls . No words can describe this moment . Wasting no time , we went right into the water . After getting accustomed to the icy cold water , we ventured right under the falls , it was just like being under a shower .. The only difference being here was the force of the water was much greater  ( BTW the height of the falls is 100 feet ) . Abhinav ( one of the accompany friends ) then made us have snacks sitting on the top of rocks with water everywhere around us . While I was happily munching away a packet of Lays .. a crab was trying the same thing with my feet . Poor creature , it could do nothing as I noticed it and tried to kick it away . Oh Yes , I was safe and sound , not even a scratch ( My apologies to all my enemies i.e if they are any lolz) . After having chips , biscuits and Coke , we finally came out of the water for a photoshoot . We went further down and were just starting to change clothes when we found another small falls of just around 10 – 20 feet . It was too tempting , so we again got drenched . Then , with much determination I came out and finally changed clothes .

Then the time came to say ” GOOD BYE ” and we started our upward trek ( 387 steps ) . As soon as we reached the top , we found a bus just going past us , we thought we wait and catch the next bus only to discover that the next bus was another one and a half hours away . We were dead tired , so we all sat down and just rested , without uttering a word . I was getting tensed about the bus as it was late and we were in middle of some place  with no means of transport and Yes no cellphone signals . All my worries went away as  the bus came . We waved frantically for it to stop.

I then slept off peacefully ( I like the Bus rides a lot ) only to be awaken at Karkala where we changed buses . On the way to Manipal , we made a plan to dine at Woodland in Udupi (PS:  it is not a shoe shop ).

After a wholesome dinner along with a dessert , we finally reached the hostel and I slept off .

Well ,this was probably my first memoir of a trip . I hope many more will follow .

For more info on Hanumangundi Falls , visit ..

PS : Forgot to mention , I bought a new pair of sandals while we were in Udupi . 

As usual , comments are most welcome .