1st Year @ MIT – PART 3

Here comes , The Most Awaited Part of the Four Part Series of my First Year Experiences . This post took a very long time to me to write …

The Other Three Parts … ( m giving the links here . this way I get to increase backlinks and in turn my Page Rank ..hehe )

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From Delhi to Manipal :

I came by the most famous train for MITians .. MANGLA .. on the 11th January .. As usual , my friend Anirudh was with me and along with him , my friend Ankit ( 9.67 CGPA mind it .. ) and Abhishek was to board at Bhopal
The Train Journey went peacefully, we played UNO and saw a movie with couple of fellow batchmates ( one of them later on became a great friend of mine ) ..

Also , one important thing to note is that I was for the first time cursing the Indian Railways for being on time because my train arrived exactly on time and as a result , I had to leave my movie halfway .

Manipal :

The Semester was to start on Jan 14 .  I had reached on Saturday, 12th at midnight .Had pizzas from dominos as the train food sucked . I had physics cycle this semester which meant I had to study Engineering Graphics and work like a carpenter in the workshop wearing a auto driver’s uniform . As the sem progressed , my worst fears came true , I hated the studies like anything .. all physics and mechanical .. no computers . Imagine a computer science student doing soldering , welding and drawing designs using pencil ( not a software ) !!! . So , my marks went on a downward trend . My interest had reached a new “low” . As I had no interest in studying the college syllabus , I spent time learning PHP which turned out to be great for me ( Refer post on Web Dev Workshop ) . REVELS, our cultural fest was organised in March . I participated in some events and as usual no results . Then , we had Tech Weekend organised by IEEE Manipal in April . .I was one of the organisers of it and was helping in its website and registrations .

Then , my dreaded EG sessional came , guess what I got a meagre 19 out of 50 . EG was the first subject in my life till now which had the power to scare me .. (lol) . I had actually made all plans to come back early for the make – up exam .But , with help from friends and my birthday wishes I passed EG with a B grade . The EG exam was right on my birthday . Well , it was actually blessing in disguise . I had only one wish to make that was ” to pass in EG ” . Imagine having the most fearful exam on your birthday !! My exam went well and my day was made .

This semester went pretty fast and no major events happened .

PS : For the observant readers , I have mentioned about my train journey to Manipal in January twice in my blog.. Once here and once in the PART 2 post .. Did you notice this ?? There’s only a small difference between the both .

PS: This post is pretty much undescriptive. A long time has passed since the 2nd Sem