Internship at Dulcet Solutions

In my IIIrd Sem , I was consistently trying to get a internship for my Winter Vacations so as to get some industrial exposure etc … blah blah . The process of finding one was a lot easier than expected .

In late September , I had got a internship ( 6 months project well beyond my 1 month holiday) at Data Mining Tools but had decided against pursuing it as the asking working hours were too much ( I had to enjoy my holidays too 🙂 )

Then , I came across Dulcet solutions through a IEEE Delhi Branch mail . It was a startup and was in the field of Web Development . Bingo , the one I had been exactly searching for . I called up the number given and then sent my CV by mail .I received the reply within a couple of hours . And Yes , I was selected and in fact he was impressed by my CV .After that , I finalised a couple of details about the internship .I was told to learn MediaWiki , Ushahidi and sum other packages for better understanding .

As soon as I arrived in Delhi , I started working . Rather than a internship where you learn nothing , mine was more like a project which we did on line and hence there was no need to go the office ( 🙂 ).The project was about Democracy i.e to empower people their democratic rights . Our work was to create a software ( rather a crowd sourcing website ) which brought life into the project .We were a group of 8 people ( 3 from VIT , 4 from NSIT and me ) . All were in the their final years except me .All of us collaborated over the net ( mostly chatting ) .Our employer had made a google site which was used as a platform for our discussions ( maybe Google Wave could do the same ).

Perhaps , you could say it was a software ” of the people, by the people, for the people ” in Abraham Lincoln’s words.

We were using Drupal , a very popular CMS ( Content Management System ) .

My Experience

I learned about the ER Diagram and Schema , which I was supposed to learn in my IVth Sem . More importantly , I coded two Drupal modules from scratch .I worked deep into the night as I have seen I can concentrate a lot better at night  . I had used “Learning Drupal 6 – Module Development ” by Matt Bucher . It is a excellent book as it has covered almost the API’s that Drupal provides .During the coding  , I learned many conventions eg the function names , when to use a underscore ( all functions which are for internal use by a module start with a ‘_’) etc . It was also my first experience at using  API’s ( Database , Form ,hook ) .

Very Soon , both my modules will be released under GNU GPL ( its Open Source ).. I am currently documenting it . I will post the link once the modules are released .

Lastly , this has been a great learning experience for me .And Yes, it was great fun too . I would recommend all my friends to try doing a internship as it gives you huge amount of exposure .

Download the Module here :

Email Node Module

Users Tax Module

References and Links :

The Quote ” Of the people , by the people , for the people ‘


Content Management System

Crowd Sourcing

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IIIrd Sem

Well , Here I am once again after a long long time .

Finally the most awaited IIIrd Sem came to an end ..It was the semester which brought many changes into my life . First and foremost , I became a senior .. So the first question that comes into your mind obviously is Did I rag ??? Na , that’s not me .

What prevented me from ragging ? Was it the fear of getting fined ( Rs 25000 /- ) or Was Ragging not my type ? That’s left to you guys to answer .

So, my IIIrd Sem, the first time in life all I had to study was Computers , Computers and Computers . Time and again , I was thanking my brother who helped me avoid getting into NIT Allahabad . I had got into there through the AIEEE Round 1 Form 2 Counselling , where you only get the Institute’s name and not the branch . Well , this is one thing I totally disagree with the Indian Education System . How are you supposed to join a institue when you don’t know what branch you would end up with ? According to me , branches should not be decided according to the rank but instead there should be a test to assess your ability in that particular field or let the student decide after a year or so .

Coming back to the topic , We had five subjects and three labs , thats one subject less than others, a advantage for the CSE guys . One subject less means one sessional less , one end semester less and more importantly, you would be home earlier than others .

Our course was ok ok , I found COD ( Computer Organisation and Design ) pretty boring . My teachers were ok , not that bad as expected .Our OOPS teacher was the best . Many of our classmates would disagree on this fact but I liked his teaching style .

Most of my theory classes were boring as mostly it was a repetition of what I had learnt in 12th . The best part was the labs . They usually finished within one and a half hours .This is one more advantage CSE had  .Also , we had two half days because of the crappy time table . CSE usually had 3 to 4 half days .

In the first month , I made a website for Formula Manipal ( ) using WordPress . It was not much of work , but I had to edit almost all files to suit the needs .It brought me instant recognition . For more info , refer my previous post .

August went by and September Came . We had our tech fest Techtatva 09 in September and I was one of the organisers .This has been previously mentioned in my post .

Two sessionals were over and Diwali arrived . As usual , Diwali in Manipal was not much fun . October too went away

In November , I participated in NITK’s Engineer , Tech Fest . I got through the prelims but as usual did not win anything . I played laser tag for the first time and won too. I guess I am better at non- technical events .Then our end sems came, everyone started studying and I started to get bored .

One more thing , I made a couple of very good friends this semester .Thats the end of my IIIrd Sem. It was the best semester till date .

Looking forward to another semester full of surprises .