Trip to Kudlu Falls

This is one trip I would never forget for the rest of my life. This has been by far “the” best trip of my life, as it had many firsts like barbecue near falls, yummy chicken biryani, a treacherous mountain climb.

Kudlu Falls is a place in Kudlupatra, Agumbe. It is one of the most beautiful falls of the state and I confirmed this fact. Take my word, if you live in Manipal, you should surely visit Kudlu. For all those guys who came here looking for travel instructions, go down. For the rest, the patient ones read on to know my experience.

We were a group of 10 people, so we booked a Sumo along with a scooty, so the ride was quite comfortable except for the fact that the Sumo was non- AC. We started at around 8: 15 am and reached the place in 2 hours even though our driver was driving at a “mere” 40 kmph. Shahbaz had planned the trip to the smallest possible detail. It was indeed great on his part. We took Chicken Biryani, Seekh Kabab with rods, coal to heat it, Soft Drinks, Chips, 1 kg salt and loads of water. Ya, you read it right, we took 1 kg of salt. Any guesses ? We had taken this precaution against leeches which are very common in the forest areas but we totally forgot the fact that leeches only come during rainy season. So, thanks but no thanks to Anirudh who reminded us to take salt. I am yet to decide about what to do with the Salt.

During the journey, you will come across a famous temple, I suggest you visit even though we didn’t. On reaching Kudlu after crossing a river, ( it was like that AD where a sumo goes through water) we finally reached the place from where we had to go on foot. So, we picked up all our luggage and started to trek. The trek was very tricky and you can easily go wrong. We took a wrong in the starting due to some absurd theory by Appan, then came back to the correct track. You come across a small stream of water and from there the upward climb begins. Please be very careful and look out for diversions. We took the wrong route and ended up going almost 6 kms the wrong way. But we reached the falls through the wrong way. This way had costed us 3 hrs, some precious water, bruises and some great experiences. This was the most dangerous trek I ever undertook and will probably undertake. At one time of point, I had even decided to turn back but the lure of the falls was too great to resist. So, we went on never minding the tough trek, bruises. Finally, on hearing the sound of water, my whole body rejuvenated and I trekked non stop. The sight of the falls was so amazing that I forgot all the hardship taken and felt it was worth. We quickly changed and went into the water. No words can describe when you stand under ice cold water falling from over 100 feet. The water was so clean that even rainbows were formed over the water. Then, we had yummy Chicken Biryani along with Kababs, Coke and chips. After our lunch, we started our journey back as it gets dark there and this time we took the right path. We reached in half an hour and were very thirsty as our supply of water was finished. We drank almost 15 soft drinks and coconuts at a nearby shop, I am sure we left the shop with a big grin on the shop keeper’s face. We reached Manipal at around 6 pm and then had a nice sleep with awesome dreams ūüėÄ

Travel Instructions:

(Note : This is taken from

How to go Р20 kms from Agumbe, take a left detour before 6 kms to Hebri, another left after another 3-4 kms. The road will end at the banks of river Sita. There is a burma bridge on the right side to cross the river(dont try to swim across). After that one has to walk for 4 kms inside the jungle. There will be a small stream which has to be crossed to reach the foothills. Trek 3-4 kms  and you will reach the most beautiful falls in the entire state.

You can even request your driver to drive you across the river, this way you save 3 kms of trek. I did the same.

Remember, always go to your left along the water and if takes more than a hour, you probably came the wrong way

Mode of transport – If one wants to go there by public transport, then he can either go to Shimoga and catch a mini bus(which piles at frequent intervals to Hebri) and get down at the Koodlu gate. From there catch another minibus which will go upto a place called Dargas. Dargas is around 6 kms from the banks of river Sita. So one need to walk that extra 6 kms also. The other option is to go to Hebri(the bus will go via Dharmastala, Karkala,etc) and there you can catch the mini-bus to Nellikatte and get down at Dargas.

Travel Essentials :

Note: This is from my personal experience

  • Loads and Loads of Water, atleast 3 litres per head
  • Wear Shoes and loose pants, preferably a lower.
  • Take a cap, comes very handy against the sun
  • Camera and some yummy food
  • Some band aids, would come in handy for bruises
  • Salt, if and only if its raining
  • Most importantly, TRAVEL LIGHT

Take my word, you will thoroughly enjoy this trip. Even though, I took the wrong route and wasted 3 hours, I would still say that the trek was one of the most exciting things. So, guys if you are one of those who like to discover a new way, don’t follow any of my instructions, just go and have fun.

Watch out for the pics..

Installing Listings Package for LaTeX

Ever wondered how you could insert code in a latex document/presentation. Read on to know how to do it without any hassle.

Listings is a awesome package for LaTeX which makes including code a breeze. No need to do formating, no need for copy paste too !! It has syntax highlighting too. Check out the links given below. I had some difficulty installing listings package and couldn’t find a nice way and hence this blog post.

Here is the code: ( Try it and check if you already have listings)

[sourcecode language=”css”]



It has support for many languages and if you find one thats not there, you could perhaps write a patch for one, thereby contributing to FOSS.

“../Programs/4.cpp” is the exact file name with its path.


  1. Download the zip here : and listing.sty from
  2. Unzip it using your favourite archive manager.
  3. Then go to the location where you installed TeX. For linux users it is /usr/share/texmf/ . Windows users, figure it yourself
  4. Copy the following files as mentioned :
    1. listings.pdf              to      texmf/doc/latex/listings
    2. listings.dtx, listings.ins,listings.ind, lstpatch.sty,lstdrvrs.dtx          to            texmf/source/latex/listings
  5. Create the directory texmf/tex/latex/listings or, if it exists already,remove all files except lst<whatever>0.sty and lstlocal.cfg from it.
  6. Run listings.ins through LaTeX  i.e  type  sudo latex listings.ins in your terminal.
  7. Move the generated files to texmf/tex/latex/listings.

If all goes well, then you should have listings working properly. Try it out with the code given above. If you still have any problems, just ping me.

There are plenty of examples available over the net which illustrate the use of Listings package.

Check this pdf here :

Check out these too :

4th Sem

Almost two months went by since my last post… I presume many of you must be wondering what happened to Kartik¬† ?? Don’t worry guys. I am back with a bang !!!!

January – A new Year, a new Semester. It started with great news from my employer at Dulcet Solutions in the form a nice letter. I completed my first industrial exposure successfully. I boarded the Rajdhani( bunked the first day) to reach on 4th. Train journey as usual was great fun. I had confused feelings in the train, was both happy and sad. Happy because I was going back to the place I loved most and sad for the reason of getting away from my family. Manipal was the same, no noticeable changes were there. I had three half days :D. The tiring 7pm classes were no longer there. Within a week of arriving in Manipal, I was back to work. Editorial Board work was going on full swing. We overhauled the entire design of MAGMIT and implemented a forum for MITians with great plans but alas, many of those plans are yet to be implemented. The first two weeks were pretty hectic owing to the enormous workload of the website. Needless to say, I enjoyed the work and learned a lot. This sem I came with a firm mind to shape up my body. In that direction, I joined a gym. Yes guys, you read it right.Even I had never expected that I would join a gym. Many of friends were pretty much shocked to hear, many laughed, teased but none could stop me from what I wanted to do. The first few days were tiring and then I enjoyed it. For the record, I still go thrice a week, if not more. I had my german exam this month, was pretty scared. This is the second time I have been this afraid of a exam( the first was Engineering Graphics).¬† I studied pretty hard in the last week of Jan and understood German properly. I regret not giving more attention earlier. There are plenty of nice websites available on the net which are a awesome help. Needless to say, I passed with a ‘B’ grade which was far more than I expected.

February: IAESTE offers were about to be released and I was ready armed with letters, certificates etc. I had been dreaming of this since my first year. The first two weeks went pretty fast( IAESTE and Sessionals). I scored pretty badly in the sessionals, it was one of my lowest. Maybe partly because of IAESTE and partly because of ‘not in a mood‘. Feb 14th, as usual was a dull affair for me. I had candlelight dinner with around 10 seniors(all males). I was pretty much free in the evenings, started playing Badminton and TT and developed a bad habit of sleeping in the evenings. I was not in a mood to do something new as I needed some kind of a push which I was not getting. This is also one of the many reasons for the delay in a post. In the end of month, I went to Bombay, Shirdi, Aurangabad¬† with my family. This was one of the best trips I had.¬† Maybe, I would write a complete post on my trip. Ah!! I forgot to mention that I got nominated for KOREA for a internship at ETRI. Though, it is yet to be confirmed by the employer, I had already started my celebrations as this was what I always wanted. I would like to mention the enormous wishes I could got from all my near and dear ones. For almost a week, I had developed a habit of saying ‘Thanks’ to anyone whom I met.

March: March brought Revels and for the first time, I did not take part nor organised  any event. I was busy with sending my nomination to Korea. Too much work preparing your CV, LOR and cover letter.Once again, sessionals have arrived.

Overall, this semester has been going pretty well though I had planned a lot more. I have further strengthened my friendships, made enemies( not my mistake ). Hope the rest of the semester goes well and my internship at Korea gets confirmed.