Bye Bye Korea

Well, frequent readers of this blog must have guessed the purpose of the blog from the title. For the ignorant ones, I was nominated from India for a two month long internship at ETRI, Korea but alas, was rejected by the employer as they wanted a “more” senior student ( 3rd or a 4th year).

I was initially taken aback by the rejection as I had worked pretty hard but then with the help of my friends and family, I am back 🙂 A Chicken Tikka Sub and a chocolate shake sponsored by my friends was more than enough for cheering me up.

On the bright side, I would be spending an awesome two months at home, working on another internship, completing my pending projects.

Bye!! (PS: This was a short post just to convey the news )

Two days in a hospital

Two days in KMC ( Kasturba Medical College ) prompted me to write this post…

It all started with some pain in my fingers which I think was because of excessive typing or perhaps gyming. I got it checked with a orthopedic doctor who prescribed some painkillers. The pain subsided but I developed fever with cough and cold. On the next day, my face was full of spots( pimples) and then it spread to the entire body. A perfect case of Chicken Pox but if you read on, you would come to know it was nothing but some Viral Exanthem ( God knows what it is ). I was actually terrified of the spots and visited the doc who got me admitted for keeping me under observation. Well, I was actually shocked to hear that and had a half a mind to run away but alas, couldn’t get myself to do that.

Hence, my stay in the Isolation Ward of KMC started !!! It was a nice long room actually a corridor. I had a comfortable bed with food at my disposal, charging point for the laptop and it was a lot cooler than my hostel room. What more could I ask ? The first day was pretty exciting, many friends came to visit me and I was actually enjoying the stay. I was never alone barring a few moments. We had turned the isolation ward into a public ward, the nurse actually told me later “Your friends are very talkative” to which I gave a big smile. Well, I was thankful to them for coming to visit me. It actually gives the patient a great feeling when you visit him in the hospital. I decided then and there that I would make it a point to visit each person I know admitted in the hospital and spend time with him/her. Believe me, it helps a lot.

The second day was a lot worse than the first even though my condition had improved significantly. The doctors told me to stay another day for observation. They were a group of 10 doctors, all of them made a circle and I was in the middle. Well, was I some kind of experimental piece ? Every one was saying something and I was just trying to grasp whatever I could understand. Another day meant one more day in that small room with that uncomfortable bed and with that disgusting smell. Notice the change in my description of the room. I was frustrated and just wanted to run away from there. I actually stared at the EXIT for around 5 minutes. The rest of the day went peacefully, thanks to the awesome book “Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand” , Rang De Basanti movie and of course friends. Manu stayed for around three hours and we discussed various stuff.

By the end of the second day, I was pretty sure that I would run away if they told me to stay for another day. I had actually decided to sign LAMA ( Leave against Medical Advice). The docs didn’t give me the chance to try that and happily discharged me. I left the hospital at 11 30 am and was back in my room by 12 00. HOSTEL SWEET HOME . Later during the day, I went and collected the discharge summary, finalised the discharge and discovered that the computer in my ward had a Internet Connection :(.

I got a lot of support from my family. I had planned to mention all my friends here but its a long list, hence chuck it. I had a continuous supply of eatables, thanks to Anirudh who made a point to get something. I patched up with my best friend.

Well, as I said I realised couple of stuff like “Health is Wealth”.

    That’s all !!. It was really a great experience. It made me a much more experienced person. You must be thinking that I loved my stay at the hospital ? Well, yes it was good but given a chance, I wouldn’t want to spend another day at the hospital.

    Session on LaTeX

    I came across LaTeX the first time when I saw my uncle using it for writing journals and books. He is a big scientist, so then I had a look at the source code and its wiki page but forgot it until I came across a poster publicizing a workshop on LaTeX to be conducted by a NITK and MIT professor. Needless to say, I attended the workshop and it turned out to be pretty good considering the fact that there were free snacks available. I was particularly pleased to see the NIT K prof running Ubuntu.

    Armed with basic knowledge of LaTeX, I set out to create my first document using it. I chose my CV as it had some small mistakes here and there( read different bullet sizes) and I was unable to rectify that using Open Office. After going through “The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2 “, I successfully created my CV.

    At our next LUG meeting, I volunteered to take a session on LaTeX and thus, I learnt Beamer ( used for presentations). I created a nice presentation, it looked pretty decent and was far easier than power point. The whole source code was around 390 lines. Though, it looks much but it isn’t when you start to type.

    So, the slides were done and approved. We planned to have a 3 hour session on LaTeX on the 1st April, 2010 incidentally April Fools Day. Posters were made and put up, room booked, website updated, FB event created and tweeted. Everything was done well in time, only my preparation remained which I had postponed to the last day.

    Finally, the D-Day arrived and I was ready with the setups. There were some initial problems with the installation of LaTeX on Linux but all were taken care of. The session went pretty well though the start was not as expected. I encountered some unexpected problems. The audience response was pretty bad at the beginning but then it improved a lot during the end. Overall, I would say the session was a success, it served its purpose well though it could be a lot better. I learnt a couple of lessons, got some feedback and plan to incorporate the changes. So, guys if you attended the session please leave your suggestions as  comments. Feel free to write anything you wish, even if you totally hated my teaching. Your suggestions will help me a lot and I would surely implement them 🙂

    Download the slides here