The Month that was – April

This month has been one of the most happening months in my college life !!! There have been many highs and lows during this month ranging from the time when I was literally on top to the time when I thought I was “good for nothing”.

The month started with my bad health which lead to hospitalisation, the first time in my life. After recuperating, I made up for the lost time and started worked hard on my project.

The sessionals went well, at least were a lot better than the previous two. Then the shock arrived “Rejection from ETRI, Korea” which prompted me to rethink. Finally, the three tiresome days having three Lab End Sems, one class test and 10 theory classes arrived. My first end sem JAVA, went pretty well with me scoring 60 on 60 in the internals whereas the second one, Microprocessors was a total disaster and finally the third one, DBMS was also good.

The end of the month gave me a nice surprise, my Birthday was celebrated on 30th night even though it was on 29th May. Well, the reason is quite obvious, my friends wanted to bash me and hence thought of the nice plan. I enjoyed the birthday as there was a yummy cake for me.

There were many other minor incidents during the course of this month which prompted me to write this post. This month has been a great learning experience and I am a lot more mature now !!!