Internship at Let Me Know

During the summer of 2010, I did a internship at Let Me Know as a web developer.

About the Company :

Let Me Know is India’s largest web portal for youth opportunities and has received over 400,000 unique visitors from 150 Indian cities since its inception. We’ve increasingly become a very popular, time-efficient, and currently free channel for companies, start-ups, universities, international agencies and student bodies to advertise their competitions, conferences, events, internships and jobs, and quickly gain access to a diverse pipelines of self-selected talent.

My work was adding new features to their existing website and modifying some of the current features. It was a work from home internship, so I could work whenever I chose. LMK being a startup, gave me first hand experience on how a company works. I had many interactions with the CEO, COO and the CTO learning a lot of stuff. Abhimanyu, CTO was the point of contact for me and he guided me throughout the internship.Check out the team page.

LMK is based on Zend framework. So, I had to understand the MVC architecture and the Zend framework. During my tenure, I developed a entire new oppurtunity which is soon going to be released to the public and created a internal stats tracker. Zend is a great framework for MVC and reduces your work significantly.

Overall, it was a great experience.