Looking back at Techtatva 2010

Two years ago Techtatva was just another techfest for me and now it has become a integral part of my LIFE !!!

It was my first year when I first came across Techtatva. I had attended the volunteer call and was greatly inspired by the then Technical Secretary. Immediately, I bought a delegate card for 150 bucks which allows one to participate in any number of events. WoW !! Isn’t that cool ?? I took part in as many events as the schedule permitted but alas won none. Two years have passed since and I have still haven’t won.

This year I participated in just one event Aavishkaar where I was shortlisted for the finals. Article on The Manipal Journal, a popular new journal in Manipal. More importantly, this year I was involved in organizing Techtatva 10 in various capacities : Category Head of Web Development, Event Head of Jour and Organiser in System Admin. I must say that organizing is a lot more exciting than participating anytime. You get to learn a lot of things. Sleepless nights in Council Room, bunking classes, eating burgers at 3 in the morning are just of the few things that you get to enjoy. Working with the student council inspired me to apply for the post of President and Technical Secretary. ( To all CR’s, this is a call for Votes đŸ˜› )

For the first time in Manipal, TEDxManipal was held on the first day of Techtatva which was a great success. I was involved in the capacity of Event Head of Web Development ( HaHa !! Nowadays, am better known as “Web Waala”) . It was my first TEDx event and I totally enjoyed it. I got my Connect the Dots signed by Rashmi Bansal and met Rahul Roushan, Faking News. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I hope to attend many more TED events.

That’s all for now. Bye !!

5th Sem : Techtatva, Let Me Know

With the starting of the fifth sem, I entered my third year, the penultimate year of my college life. Only the mention of this thing brings jitters to my mind. Only 2 years left, What will happen after that ?

August: I had made all plans to visit Goa en route to Manipal. But alas, rains spoiled the plans. I had take a last minute flight to reach my college on time. I was going to travel in a flight after a gap of almost three years. We ( Anirudh and myself) had a uneventful flight journey. While coming back from Mangalore, our taxi met with a accident with a bike and the side view mirror shattered onto me but I escaped unscathed. Then I reached my second home !! .. Settled myself quickly in the new hostel. My classes were to start from 2nd. This time we had our classes in the new building and weekends off but without any half days. Pretty soon, we had a LUG meet where we discussed various workshops and Techtatva. I resumed my work with Let Me Know. Btw, I am the Tech Lead there. Wow!! that sounds great to hear !! Then a unexpected workload came in the form of website for Techtatva. I was approached by the Technical Secretary to develop the website. I was initially very hesitant as I was pretty bored of making websites but with three juniors( Vikash, Mayur, Aditya) and my batch mate, Rahul we made not only one but two fully fledged websites within a record time of one week ( Techtatva and TEDx Manipal)

During the end of the month, I went to Bangalore from where I had to take a flight to Vizag to attend my cousin’s wedding. Abhinav accompanied me to Bangalore. I had a fun filled day at Bangalore. Watched 4D for the first time, ate at McDonald’s, had a Death by Chocolate, met a school mate and played Air Hockey. The next day, I took the fancy red colour BIAL buses to airport to board my flight to Vizag enroute Hyderabad. I got a chance to visit the best two airports in India :D. Unexpectedly, I got a Air India and I had my first experience of a in-flight entertainment system. I landed at Vizag and within 5 minutes my brother too landed. We had a great reunion, my cousins from Delhi also came. The wedding went very well and we had a great time. WE went on a launch ride near the Vizag port and went inside a ship from Vietnam. I drank Vietnam tea which tasted like plain water mixed with some herbs. The next day we spent the midnight at the beach. The best part was that I met all my relatives after a long time. Many had seen me when I was just 2 years old and they were like “Oh You have changed  lot and grown very tall” . I was like “Isn’t it obvious ?? ” . We celebrated Rakhi just before I had to board my flight. The short trip came to an end and I bid farewell to my family. On reaching Banglore, I met up my old neighbour, Cuckoo Didi. She came with her daughter, Ananya and we had a great time playing video games and cricket at a Samsung promotional event. Finally, I boarded the bus back to Manipal and had another burger from McDonald’s :D.

September brought sessionals. Well, I just had two days to prepare and a lot to study. Somehow, I managed to score decently and am planning to break even next time. The first week passed quickly owing to the heavy workload of Techtatva and Let Me Know. Currently, as I am writing this blog post I have a whole weekend off with a friday and almost all my friends have gone away. I am enjoying this weekend to just laze around !!!

That’s all for now !! Bye !!

Two Years of College – The Other MIT

Two years have passed and it seems that I just joined my college. Time just flew by.

I still can remember my very first day at college, the strange faces, strict teachers, the new buildings etc. Infact the first person I talked with in my college was a girl in my class. Shocked ?? Was this me ? Even I couldn’t imagine myself doing it. This was the start of the beginning of a new personality. Two years down the line I have changed a lot. My school friends would agree with me.

In the first month, I got admission into MNNIT Allahabad and I wanted to go back home desperately. But, my brother said a day will come when you wouldn’t want to leave Manipal. I guess it has arrived.  Living in a hostel is a lot different from living at home under the care of your parents. For starters, there is no one to care for you, you need to wash clothes, eat on time etc. I seriously advice everyone to live at least for a year in the hostel. Night outs, birthdays at midnight, exam time are just some of the things. You learn loads of things in the hostel and I can’t describe them all here.

While I constantly loathe my college for its lack of facilities etc, but MIT is the best thing that happened to me. MIT has given me a platform to grow. It is like a operating system which provides a environment for people to work. I guess each college is supposed to do the same job, but I doubt any other college does it.

In these two years, I have experimented which I always wanted to do but couldn’t get the platform for it. Be it infodesks, putting up posters, night outs, gaming, organizing, dancing, singing and clubbing, I have tried most of them. These two years would be cherished for life.

PS: This was written way back in May 2010, but due to lack of time I am publishing it now. A week ago, I was reading my own blog and it made me realise how I evolved.