Wassup ??

Wassup ? Sup ? Wazzup ? are something that all the youngsters daily hear and even use.

So, what does it mean ? It simply means “What’s up ” or another way of saying “Hi”. Then why do we use it ? Why not simply use the simple “Hi, Hello ” .. Well, many people simply use Wassup to show that they are “cool” and others just follow them.

Whenever I meet someone and he says “Wassup ? “, I simply wonder what to reply. Well, can’t he see that I’m walking then why ask me What am I doing ? . So, I just simply say “I’m fine. How are you ?” for a semi formal communication or “Nothing Much, Just going to the College” for a informal communication. Using “Wassup ? ” is justified when you are chatting to someone, infact it’s one of the best ways to start a conversation.

I try to avoid using “Wassup ? ” as far as possible but people say someday I will start using it casually. Till then I am pretty happy using “Hi” or the old fashioned but dignified “Hello”.

That’s all for now.

PS: This post is just another random musingsof mine.