AutoBudder now collaborates with Craft My Gift

AutoBudder now has the option to prebook gifts through Craft My Gift !!!  AutoBudder

CraftMyGift creates unique gifts high on creativity and personalization. Our gifts have the deep emotional value which can bring a tear in your loved one’s eyes. We are not just a gift shop but work as a gift advisor to suggest and create gifts which are perfect for your special occasion. We strongly believe that gifts are a wonderful means to express your thoughts and feelings for your loved one and it requires great detailing and attention to ensure it creates an impact.

By collaboration, I mean now you can click on the gift icon next to a person and you will be redirected to Craft My Gift where you can prebook gifts to be delivered on the birthday. Isn’t it awesome ?

So, whenever you have time, just visit AutoBudder and click on the gift icon and prebook gifts. This way you won’t forget to wish and gift your friend. Woah !! Kill two birds with one arrow.

The reason behind choosing Craft My Gift is because of its awesome customization features.

AutoBudder is becoming a multi purpose application !!