Thanks !!

In this busy life, many times we forget to thank the people who are really matter to us !!

So, this is a post thanking all my friends, family members, teachers and people around me who believe in me and continuously support me !!

First of all thanks to the following friends/ family :

  • Parents for my awesome upbringing
  • Anirudh for his constant support
  • Vinay, my brother for his unconditional love
  • My cousins, uncles, aunties, basically all my relatives
  • Prateek for being a great friend and his designing skills ( Check out my home page)
  • Saurabh and Abhinit for their awesome development and entrepreneurial skills
  • Ankita for making me believe in myself
  • Rahul for his critical views and great business & designing skills
  • Vasundhara for making me Famous and her witty jokes
  • Akanksha for her constant support and PJ’s
  • Gappu, Abhishek and Ashish for their ability to make me laugh 😛
  • Aatif, Zubi, Aamir, Shahbaz for helping me eat Chicken !!
  • Manu for his awesome ideas and critical view on my ideas
  • Sparsh for helping me pass the college exams
  • Apan, Aditya, Sachin, Bhaskar, Rumit, Gaurav, Eshaani and all other class mates
  • Security Guards for ensuring the safety of my laptop ( pun intended)
  • Dhobi, Sweepers and all other staff for ensuring that I can work peacefully
  • Finally, Thanks to MIT for giving me a ThinkPad

Event after the long list, I may have forgotten some people, so Thanks to them too 🙂

ACMB COC, AutoBudder, NEN and Microsoft

Yeah !! AutoBudder won the ACM Bangalore Challenge of Code 2010 and got a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.

Last two months have been pretty happening :). The main highlights are :

  • AutoBudder’s huge success, it now reaches 7.3 lakh people
  • ACMB Challenge of Code 2010
  • AutoBudder’s selection in Top 50 student startups in NEN First Dot
  • Rejection by Microsoft for internship
  • Awesome Vacations
  • Bangalore Trip ( read KFC !! )

Before writing this article, I googled AutoBudder and to my surpise found that first 40 results were articles on different blogs. This simply means that AutoBudder no longer requires any kind of introduction !!

It all started with a small idea and now, its a profit making venture !!  From Bangalore Mirror to ACM Bangalore, its been a wonderful learning experience. We met so many people and discussed ideas. Overall, one of the key elements to starting up is Networking.

One of the important events that took place was Rejection by Microsoft for their internship programme. That helped me introspect and realize my goal in life. Perhaps, this is the first time that I was  glad that I didn’t get selected !!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family who have tolerated me !!

Remember : Execution is more important than the IDEA !!