Ye Mera India

Yeah, there’s a movie by this name directed by N. Chandra and this post is inspired by the movie. The very first line of the movie says that “Only GOD can run such a secular country”. It portrays the lifestyle of Mumbai by showing it through the eyes of different yet connected people. I don’t want to deviate and go into the details of the movie. Refer the wiki[1] for more information on the movie. The movie shows how each character realized his mistake and transformed into a good man.

This movie reignited the spark in me to do something for the society. With our such a high paced lifestyles, we have made ourselves immune to the outside world and just discard the negative things. We observe so many things yet are silent even though we are supposed to be the most educated people.

What are the odds that you would stop a car and take a bleeding man to the hospital thereby allow your “precious” time to be wasted ?

What are the odds that you will stop a girl getting raped ?

These are just some of the questions going in my mind and who knows I may turn out to be the person who doesn’t stop the car ?The society has made us adapt to the high paced lifestyle that we are always after the “money” and where does that money go ? You earn more then you desire for more. But what’s the use of working so much that you don’t have time to enjoy the joys of living. Life is short, so live it to the fullest.

Though I am going to intern in Cisco this summer and will be one of those high paying software professionals who don’t have the time to spend what they earn. I am sure this internship will be a life changing experience 🙂


Myths about Facebook Apps

Here is a list of common myths about Facebook Applications (Canvas Apps):

#1 Facebook pays you to make applications

This is the most famous myth out there. No, Facebook does not pay a dime instead it actually earns through your application ( Read : the ads on the right hand side)

#2 Developing Facebook Applications is very tough

Naah !! Facebook has SDK for all popular languages and the API (Graph) is pretty simple to understand though the docs suck 😛

#3 You can make loads of money

Lolz !! Its actually very difficult to make money but yeah there are loads of ways to monetize 🙂

#4 I can just use my existing Web application and make that into a FB App

Its not that simple. Facebook is all about understanding the social nature, once you crack it then you are all set to go. If your FB has no interaction with friends, its better you just use FB Connect !!

#5 Facebook is viral. Yeah !! I would get 1k users in one week even if my application sucks

Facebook is indeed viral but you need to tap into that. You won’t just get 1k users.

#6 Getting users is easy !! I have 1000 friends and I will get them to add

Believe me, its not that easy. I still haven’t got more than 40% of my friends to add my apps.

#7 I have an FB App so that means I am a great developer and one of my kind

People install 20 million apps every day !! Now, do you think you did a great unique thing 😉 ?

All these are my personal experience while developing AutoBudder and StockAdda

Do you have anything to add ?