MS | MNC | Startup

Well, the title clearly describes what the post is about. This is yet another confusion going in my mind currently.

I am in my fourth year right now and am faced with three dissimilar choices. Most of my batchmates must be contemplating between MS and a job in a MNC but as usual I create problems for myself 😀 so, I have another choice : Startup/ Work in a startup

Let me start by listing the choices and their properties to say. I won’t classify them as advantages or disadvantages.

  • MS
    • Very popular
    • Gateway to USA
    • Jump/Kickstart for career
    • Exposure to a new culture etc
    • Opportunity to discover your interests. Research or Job, Area of interest
    • Fun for another 2 years 🙂 All hollywood college movies ( Read American Pie )have corrupted the minds of young Indian graduates 😛
  • Startup
    • Chance to innovate
    • Direct contact with CEO
    • Amazing growth
    • Almost nil perks
    • Competitive to Medium salaries depending upon the company
    • Low brand name
    • Resistance from parents and relatives
  • MNC
    • Great salary to start with
    • Amazing perks ( I experienced this in cisco)
    • Healthcare benefits
    • Less growth compared to startups
    • Less scope for innovation
    • Job satisfaction levels are not high
    • Limited scope for follow own interest ( unless its Google :P)


I have listed whatever came to my mind and will try to refine it in the upcoming days. If you feel something is missing/ incorrect, let me know

cisco CDO Written/Technical questions

Recently, I had my Pre Placement Interviews for cisco after my internship.

There were four rounds :

  • Written round – 50 questions, 1 hour – 1 mark each, no negative marking. Aptitude, C, Electronics, Micro processors and Networking. Easy to score, cutoff was around 25
  • Technical interview- around 1 hour, questions from CV, OS, networking, databases, algorithms basics
  • Managerial Interview – questions about projects, explain everything, easy tech questions like calculate 2^n
  • HR Round – Why in cisco ? Have you given GRE ? Can you relocate ? Other companies ? etc

Will post some questions soon.

I am still awaiting the result. So, lets hope 🙂

Movies watched in June-July

I watched a lot of movies ( 17 AFAIK) in June-Jul, perhaps more than any single year. Well, I had a nice theatre nearby and some great friends.

  1. X Men- First Class
  2. Ready
  3. Always Kabhi Kabhi
  4. Pyaar ka Punchnama
  5. Harry Potter
  6. Green Lantern
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean
  8. Transformers 3
  9. Murder 2
  10. Chillar Party
  11. Singham
  12. Shaitan
  13. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  14. Cowboys and Aliens
  15. BBuddah Hoga Tera Baap
  16. Delhi Belly
  17. Can’t seem to recall more