Confessions of a Final Year Confused Mind

What ? Me and confused ? These were the questions that came to my mind when I first realized that I’m confused 😀

I always had a clear path once I wrote my first program in class 9th when the love for Computers was born 🙂 Then, I took CS in 11th and it developed from a hobby to a more serious passion. Finally, CS engineering happened when I made computers my career.

Now, I am in the final year and have many options but all of them are related to Computers. What to do 😛 ? Earlier, I would just choose follow my heart which always said Computers, Computers and Computers.

So, as the picture on the right rightly denotes :

The More I Think, The More Confused I Get

When I was a kid, I wanted to :

  • Open a Toy shop and sell GI Joe, Hot Wheels and what not ?
  • Become a politician and improve the society ( After watching Nayak for ~20 times)
  • IAS officer. Well, I met a uncle who had all types of facilities 😉
  • Beat Bill Gates. I didn’t know that Linux existed back then 😛
  • Work in the army and destroy Pakistan for once and all ( BORDER )
  • Eradicate poverty by some weird idea
  • Teacher and change the way students think.
  • The next Mark Zuckerberg ( pre final year)
  • Just another Software professional with a fat package ( Read cisco)

So many things ? Yes, my dreams changed almost every year. Back then, it was so easy to dream 🙂 You could just keep on dreaming and change the world.

Now, I am a confused mind with loads of advices floating around from teachers, parents, friends, professionals and virtual friends.Why so much confusion ? Why can’t I be like other and just take any job ? Why ? Was it the same way for our parents or we have too many options ? Do the decisions you take now really matter after say 20 years ? Will you regret them ?

Final year is so much with all friends getting placed and TREATS. ( Well, who doesn’t like free food ? ) So, amidst all my placed or soon to be placed friends who perhaps are very clear about what they want, I am here with just options but no decisions.

You can’t undo your decisions but you can redo them