Life is short – Live it to the fullest

Disclaimer: Another random musing. Proceed with extreme caution.

I am sure that all of us have heard this. What does it actually mean ?

Does it mean that we should enjoy and party ? Does it mean that we should study hard towards a successful career ? Or Does it mean that we should be happy with whatever we are doing ?

Each one of us interprets the phrase differently though there are some who don’t realise that life is actually short and they end up regretting at some point of their life. Life has become a rat race, everyone is competing for the best, no one settles for less. The ones who reach the top realize that they lost precious time because they were too “busy” in winning the race. What’s the whole point of winning the race if you haven’t enjoyed the journey ?

Its the journey, not the destination


So, what would you do if you had just one more day to live ?

PS: Even I am part of this rat race.