Thanks !

This post goes out to all my acquaintances, friends, family and well wishers. A BIG thanks to all of you.

Its been one month at Carnegie Mellon and I feel that I achieved one of my dreams. Coming to Carnegie(USA in general) was one thing which I badly wanted since my first year of college . So, a big thanks to all my friends. Each one of you played a important role in this big dream of me 🙂

Spoils of the Job Fair

So, the Technical Opportunities Conference ended today and all the big names were present. Seeing my School of Computer Science badge, companies were literally after me. They didn’t even let me eat in peace :/ So, I picked up a lot of goodies and here’s the list:

  • 17 T- Shirts ranging
  • Google Android walking toy
  • Facebook iPhone cover
  • Stuffed dinosaur
  • Johnson & Johnson Toiletries Kit
  • Mints
  • Cisco Bottle
  • Ultimate Man Soap – (??)
  • Pens, stickers etc

My first month at Shareaholic

I still remember my first day ( ie Feb 27th, 2012) clearly. I reached office at around 9 and immediately started with the HR formalities. It was a long process where I had to sign documents. Some forms asked for a nominee, I jokingly said what will happen to me as I am so young. All formalities done and I officially started my most awaited project at Shareaholic. I met the team and was assigned a laptop with everything installed which was great considering that I hate setting up softwares. Jay had already told me about the tradition of making a deploy within 48hours of joining. I was pretty excited that my change would affect 270million people.  Woah !!thats like 27 Greece(s) 😀
My first commit was pretty easy as I had just done the same thing in Greece.

First week passed quickly and I realized “Woah ! I coded much more than my entire 8 weeks at Cisco”. I directly worked on the entire product channel from fixing critical bugs, adding new features, talking to customers and creating all together new products. The team in the Delhi office was very experienced and helpful.

The key things I learnt at Shareaholic was “think before you code”, “each line of code matters”, “Customer is the boss”.

After almost 6 months of working, I left Shareaholic to join CMU. All good things have to come to an end.

Friday Nights @ CMU

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read Friday ? Party, Weekend, relaxation time ?

So, I was working on a project at Carnegie on a Friday night till late midnight and was surprised to see the campus full of people. Unlike portrayed by the hollywood movies, Carnegie students indeed were working.

On my first day of orientation, my director told me that you have three things: Study, Eat and Sleep. Choose only two and study is not an option.

What is it that makes people tick ?

Is it the plethora of opportunities ? Is it the dedication/knowledge level of peers or is it a blind rat race ?
For me, its the level of innovation, knowledge, hard work and creativity of Carnegie (USA in general) which inspires me to keep ticking !