First few months at Carnegie Mellon

Its been 3 months since I came to the land of opportunities and there’s just one word to describe it. You guessed it right – Awesome 🙂

I still remember the day I got my admit – June 11th 2012. I remember reading the mail multiple times ! It was completely unexpected. Since that day, it has been a mad rush to finalize documents, financials. passport, visa, college presentation, shopping, good-bye’s and then the dream trip to the United States of America ! I was in a trance until the immigration officer stamped my passport – Oh, yeah ! Guess what ? I just entered USA. The day I was waiting ever since I used my first personal computer finally arrived. I was a small kid back then and playing with my computer was my hobby. Hobby developed into a interest which made me take Computers in my high school. I still remember I completed the entire syllabus for class 11th (Sumita Arora -C++ etc)  in the summer vacations because I simply loved it. The interest transformed to passion and I took Computers at Manipal. Then I discovered the best place on earth for Computers is Carnegie Mellon (Ok, I maybe exaggerating). Since then, everything has been a step towards Carnegie Mellon (totally exaggerated to make it dramatic)..

Its been three almost three months since I landed here. If you can’t figure out how time passed then that means you are either having a very busy frustrating time or living your dream. No prizes for guessing.

[Update: Month wise breakdown]

August: I landed on the 7th (lucky number !) and went straight to my uncle’s place. He lives near Pittsburgh and has a wonderful home. First impression was like the movies.