Thoughts on Gene Sequencing

After the human genome project, it costed a billion dollars to sequence a human genome and guess what it just costs a thousand dollars today. A billion to a thousand in ten years. That’s a big impact. There have been reports suggesting that it would cost $300 in the near future(2-5 years).

This cost makes me think about the future of gene sequencing and I strongly think the following would happen in a decade or so:

  • A fancy little kiosk where you give your saliva sample and it tells you about your ancestors, future diseases. This information can potentially help you to live longer by empowering with the information beforehand.
  • The True Personalized medicine – all drugs are prescribed after a gene analysis




Find free food right from your mobile in real time

FreeFood App

Who doesn’t love free food ?


  • Data sourced from Twitter and Food Bot
  • Crowd Sourced
  • Real Time
  • Confidence scoring algorithm – based on the user’s Twitter profile(followers, tweets) and number of shares at a specific Lat,Lng
  • Convenient to add events
  • Color coding on the basis of confidence


  • Post API: posts a event – takes a Lat*,Lng*,StartTime,EndTime,Location,Confidence
  • FETCH API: returns all events in a X radius of the given Lat,Lng
  • Public Release: Expected Soon

Idea: Send available timings easily

Problem: Whenever someone asks me my available timings, I need to go to the calendar and manually type it taking care of timezone etc.
Idea: An app which takes free/available times from Google Calendar and formats them nicely.

What do you think ?

Starting now, I would be publishing ideas here. Feel free to develop on them. If you get around to do it, just drop a comment here.

PS: I get these wacky/crazy ideas all the time.