One hell of a trip – Delhi to Pittsburgh

Who could imagine a trip from Delhi to Pittsburgh of 15 hours could turn into 49 hours !

Delhi -> Amman, Jordan -> Chicago -> Pittsburgh (roughly three hours layover)

At the Delhi Airport :  

The flight was supposed to depart at 6:25am but it got delayed due to heavy fog. After 6 hours of waiting at the terminal, it left at noon. The airline was kind enough to give a breakfast box. I passed time by sleeping and reading a novel.

Delhi to Amman:

The flight stopped at Al Ain(UAE) to refuel ! Who knew that international flights also need to refuel. So, the journey of 5 hours turned into 8 hours. Inevitably, I missed my connecting flight to Chicago and spent a night in a hotel at Amman. The room sucked but the food was great (buffet breakfast and dinner). Queen Alia airport at Amman is horribly mismanaged . I was one of the last people to board the flight to Chicago.


Amman to Chicago:

Thankfully, this leg went peacefully and we arrived on time even though we had departed an hour late.

Chicago airport:

Immigration took more than 2 hours which meant I was standing all the time. After clearing customs, I had to hurry to check in for the flight to Pittsburgh.

Chicago to Pittsburgh

I got 1A seat which meant a direct view of the cockpit and a good talk with the flight attendant. It was a small flight (<50 people).

Pittsburgh airport:

Murphy’s law was once again proved true and my baggage was delayed. Apparently, it was still at Chicago. I got it the next day.

Lessons Learnt

  • Always keep cash – it helps in foreign countries when you need to convert. I barely had any money.
  • Keep clothes in carry on baggage
  • Keep something to eat – more importantly chewing gum – something to avoid getting dry. Some airports(countries) don’t have water.
  • Take a renowned flight –  especially which has multiple connections to your destination country – Royal Jordanian (no way)