The advertising industry has seen a huge increase over the past few years . One can watch more and more ads on TV’s , newspapers and magazines .

Companies are ready to shell out 1 crore for few seconds telecast of their product .Imagine what difference could 1 crore make if used for social purposes . Nowadays , cricketers earn more money from advertising rather than from their contract . Recently , Harbhajan sold his name for money . Very soon , we would see Bhajji da Dhaba , Harbhajan T-shirts and what not .

IPL shifted to South Africa which meant loss in revenue for BCCI . But, it devised a new method , ads for 7 minutes after every 10 overs . Advertisement is a huge industry .I could speak on and on on advertising but I am sure nobody would read it (lol.) .

I found these advertisements on the net , really awesome , it shows the talent behind it . This was the main reason for writing this post but I couldn’t stop myself from writing a small piece on Advertising .



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