Life from an acute angle

When we view life from an acute angle , it appears to be a collection of clumsy events huddled together in an extraordinarily strange manner.It is not at all a bed of roses but also has thorns which provide it a beautiful contrast ,a sweetness entangled with adventure,fun,happiness,sorrow and in fact housing all the elements of our emotions.

I am not being philosophical at all, just unravelling this truth in plain and simple words.You may assume me to be garrulous and someone who is fond of beating around the bush,but my friends,I tell you it is this attitude in an author that makes his creations an amusement .This being my first blog on webexpress,I hereby disclose finally that I am here to allow myself get into a stronger bond with the world of art,science and shall present myself  here in the best possible way I can.So all of you out there,do be an integral part of it and enjoy life……..

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