Mitians flying to SA

MIT adds one more feather to its cap . Most of you must have heard or seen about BAJA . Read on to know the complete thing . Two of my friends ( Abhishek , Abhinav ) are in the team of BAJA Manipal .

BAJA logo

Their Tagline :

BAJA MANIPAL РThe official team representing MIT , Manipal at Mini BAJA  Competition

organised by SAE( Soceity of Automotive Engineers )to be held in South Africa in

October 2009 in Pretoria University , Pretoria .


As mentioned above , they are the official team representing MIT . Many prestigious colleges like the IIT’s and DCE have their own teams .Last year , Formula Manipal represented MIT at FSAE , Italy where they finished 27th.

BAJA Competition is basically a platform where teams have race their ATV’s ( All Terrain Vehicles ) .

Their sponsors range from Pepe Jeans , Snack Shack , Riverdale , Dollops , BIG 92.7 FM to various MIT Alumni .

The shipping cost to SA is borne by MultiLine Circuits and ALF Engineering Pvt Ltd is providing the technical support .

The whole ATV is being currently built at Nasik , Maharashtra . The ATV will be brought to MIT before being shipped to SA .

MIT has once again proved that its “the” best in Mechanical Engineering

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