Think before you SPIT

Ever imagined what it takes to clean up a gutkha and paan spit trails !!

A paan costs Rs 5 only but cleaning up the spit trails on the trains of Indian Railways costs the exchequer Rs 1.44 crore .Where do you think the 1.44 crore comes from ?? Right from your pockets . Not only this , 24 man hours are also wasted .Paan and gutkha stains are highly corrosive so they cause damage to trains. They are semi-permanent and cannot be removed by simple washing. For each train, two litres of a special graffiti-removing detergent must be used along with 10 litres of non-caustic detergent. “To clean a single rake, we spend 24 man hours and detergents worth Rs 2,200,” revealed chief PRO for CR, SC Mudgerikar.

Imagine how cheaper would have been the train tickets of this money could be saved .

Well , Indian railways could learn from BMC .

How the BMC tackles the issue

BMC has launched a ‘clean-up’ campaign under which a special squad was created to deal with the menace of spitting and littering. The squad charges offenders Rs 200 if found spitting, littering or urinating in public places. From 2007, the BMC has fined over one lakh offenders and collected fines amounting to Rs 4.27 crore .

Indian railways also laws to fine people but it is very time consuming as the offender has to be taken to the court and tried there .

The problem of littering and spitting is not only with the Indian Railways but it is everywhere in India .

I am sure most of the readers are highly educated people , so I request all my readers to please avoid littering and spitting and stop others too from spitting and littering public places .

Imagine how wonderful it would be to travel in a train with no spit trails !!!!

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